My job in Web studio GK Pro
  • Development of sites of any complexity in Khmelnitsky
  • Finding the most attractive titles and images
  • Website adaptability for any device and any Internet browser
  • Development of online stores.
  • – We use unique technologies that allows you to attract only your potential customers based on the analysis of interests on Google, Facebook, YouTube.
  • You will get a big profit with a small investment in advertising.

    ME IN ``LA RIVE`` AD


    Perfumery from “La Rive” has found many clients not only in Poland, where it is produced, but also in other countries. For example, Ukrainian buyers love the brand’s products for the fact, that it combines high quality and sustainability of fragrances with affordable prices.

      My magazine ``TOP FRIENDS`` - boldly about the hidden

      TopFriends - is an online-magazine, where you can always find the right information, get advice or learn about the latest news in the world. This edition is for purposeful, stylish, fashionable women.

        Fashion Studio G-Models

        My professional fotosessions

        Photographer Gennadiy Pratsevich