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Documentary and feature films, about models and department stores – TopFriends editors collected the best films about fashion. They need to be seen at least in order to …

1. Funny face, 1957. To see Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy outfits.

2. Notes on clothes and cities, 1989. Images from the workshop of Yoji Yamamoto.

3. High Fashion, 1994. See the world where everyone gently hates each other.

4. Podium, 1995. Learn about the first steps of Kristy Turlington in the fashion business.

5. Gia, 1998. Look at the young Angelina Jolie in the image of the top model of the 90s.

6. Verushka – life in front of the camera, 2005. Listen to the history of a model prone to psychoanalysis.

7. Model male, 2001. To find out who is the male model N1 in the world

8. The Devil Wears PRADA, 2006. That`s all.

9. Annie Leibovitz: Life through a camera lens, 2006. On the life and inspiration of one of the best photographers of our time.

10. Secrets of Lagerfeld, 2007. See Karl’s personal library.

11. Gloss, 2007. See the whole truth about the Russian glamour.

12. Valentino: The Last Emperor, 2008. Passions in Italian.

13. Sex and the City, 2008. To choose the best wedding dress.

14. Shopaholic, 2009. Understand that a credit card is not your friend. And the labels should look closer.

15. September issue, 2009. To see Anna’s answer to “The Devil Wears PRADA”.

16. Flower of the Desert, 2009. In order to understand, success must be fought.

17. Coco Before Chanel, 2009. To hear the very song “Ko-ko”.

18. Yves Saint Laurent, 2013. Firstly, it is beautiful.

19. McQueen and me.

20. Elite Society, 2013. Sometimes love to clothes can end very badly.

21. Mademoiselle C, 2013. To hear,  Karin Roytfeld sing “Memorial Parties”.

22. Director: evolution in three acts, 2013. Then still Frida Giannini was a creative director of GUCCI.

23. Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf, 2013. To understand that for someone departmen store is a paradise on Earth.

24. Saint Laurent (film). CAUTION: FILM 18+

25. Dior and I, 2015. To see how the collection of Haute Couture was created in 4 weeks.


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