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“I have never condemned women who wanted a good life, I just did not understand men who complain that women only need money … But they themselves look at well-groomed people, in beautiful dresses, with long hair, who smell pleasantly and who hold neat manicure … They say beauty requires sacrifice … Nonsense! Beauty requires money!”

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl is not wrong in many respects, because a woman really invests a lot of effort and money in looking beautiful with chic. Every woman is trying to get the most out of their abilities. Naturally, not everyone can cover everything. So how to look beautiful and expensive? Here are the rules that you should pay attention first.


Demonstrate taste, not brightness, kitsch, or high value items. Style is more valuable than fashion. It’s makes you unique. The abundance of rhinestones, feathers, lurex, mime blouses, bows and creepy rosettes is better to avoid. They look cute, but will not be helpers in creating an expensive image.

2. Chips

Let some zest be present in every outfit, which will set you apart from the rest. This may be an unusual accessory, a handkerchief, tied, in a non-standard way, brooch, pinned in an unusual place.

3. Well-groomed and right-looking.

Clean hair, in a natural hairstyle or combed into the style that suits you, a neat manicure, a toned figure and delicate skin will decorate any outfit. Things must also be kept in order, be clean, ironed and fit well. Trousers that do not sufficiently cover a heel or sleeve of irregular length, like many other nuances, can destroy even the most beautiful image. Do not skimp on a good dressmaker, fit things around the figure, or use individual tailoring. Choose only the styles that adorn you.

4. Less logos, no fakes, more quality.

A sign of good taste and chic will be a choice of quality items, logos that are not on display. Style and quality will speak more about your ability to choose worthy things. It’s no secret that good-quality shoes and a bag will help make even a simple outfit more expensive. Try to bypass clothing made of 100% synthetic. Avoid copies of famous brands. Agree, the girl who gets to work every day by bus, carrying a Louis Vuitton bag in her hands, is a sad sight.

5. Jewelry, bijouterie worn even by very wealthy people. It is modern and creative. The main rule – jewelry should not imitate jewelry. Otherwise, it is not a style, but a vulgar fake.

6. Classic- style for ages.

If you are his supporter, you as anyone will have to pay attention to the quality of clothing. It is this style, concise and noble, gives the origin of the material. The better the fabric, the more expensive the image. Classic items made from cheap materials will never make you elegant.

Feel the difference:

7. Fur

Wearing faux fur is now not shameful. Many designers offer such models. This is especially true for animal advocates and those who simply cannot afford natural fur. Again, never choose faux fur, dyed with natural. Prefer bright and unusual shades.

8. Increase the value of things.

Many designer things are very simple in style. It is very easy to make your things more expensive simply by changing the usual accessories to more refined ones. Replace the simple buttons of your tweed jacket with carved metal ones or trim your jacket’s lapel with a stylish edging, etc.

9. Trends

Do not chase to buy new items of the season. Replenish your wardrobe according to your style. On the whole, the trend already implies that many will dress like this. It will devalue your individuality.

10. Quantity

Do not chase a number of things, otherwise, as often happens, the wardrobe is full of things, and there is nothing to wear. May all your purchases not be random. All things should favorably emphasize your beauty and taste.

11. Sense of Measure

Do not overdo it with decorations, details, make-up, an abundance of hairspray, nail design. Let the image be one accent, the other you can leave the next exit. Do not wear everything at once.

12. Filing

“It’s cheap that you wear it without a feeling of self-confidence.”

Erich Maria Remarque

Do not wear what you feel trapped in. This is not yours. Look for yourself in clothes. Carry yourself with unforced dignity. Try to learn how to show yourself beautifully, but do not impose yourself and not be arrogant. Good posture, confident graceful gait, easy smile, polite and friendly attitude is the key to success.

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