10 most expensive perfumes in the world

“That’s a real French perfume! Smells so expensive! ”- said the heroine of the film“The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!». Nadia, received a New Year’s gift from her fiance Hippolyte.

Most likely, she did not know how expensive the perfume is. If Hippolyte gave her one of the most expensive perfumes in the world, she would be more likely to be able to admire gifts – she would simply have lost the power of speech. You too can not imagine perfumes for several thousand, or even tens of thousands of dollars?

Here’s Top-10 most expensive perfumes ever created.

10. Jar Parfums Bolt of Lightning

These perfumes have a rare, truly unique, very persistent odor that penetrates the skin and persists for several days. Jar Parfums Bolt of Lightning – ideal summer perfume, it costs $765. People versed in perfumery are believed that these spirits are worth the money they are paying for. It is believed that such spirits should be used in special cases. The name Jar comes from the initials of the famous jeweler Joel A. Rosental, who is the author of both the perfume and the bottle.

Jar Parfums Bolt of Lightning

9. Joy от Jean Patou

This is a classic, fashionable at all times fragrance that suits bright women. The first bottles of perfume Joy appeared on sale in 1930. The author of the perfume is the world-famous perfumer Jean Pato, who had to spend 336 roses and 10,000 jasmine flowers to create 30 ml of perfumes. A bottle of such spirits will cost you $800. By the way, the bottle itself is made of the famous crystal “baccarat”.

8. Shalini Parfums’ Shalini

This perfume has a very sensual fragrance. Perfume Shalini designed for a modern, bold and independent woman. Perfumes are available in limited quantities, one bottle costs about $900. The fragrance includes coriander, ylang-ylang, vanilla, musk, sandalwood and tuberose.

Shalini Parfums Shalini

7. 24 Fauborg от Hermes

These spirits got their name after the address where the legendary Hermes house was located, whose spirits are always included in the list of the 10 most expensive spirits of the world. The aroma includes orange tree, iris, roses and other floral motifs. Perfumes were released in limited quantities, you could buy them at a price of $1,500 per bottle. The bottle itself, created by St.Louis, is made from the highest quality crystal.

6. Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien

These perfumes appeared in perfumery stores in 1996. The author of the perfume – Annick Goutal – famous perfumer and pianist. The aroma includes bergamot, grapefruit, mint, tangerine, Sicilian lemon and cypress. A bottle of such spirits is worth $1,500.

Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien

5. Baccarats Les Larmes Sacress de Thebe

These are very rare perfumes that are hard to find and buy. The composition of the fragrance includes myrrh and incense. The bottle is made of crystal “baccarat”. Perfumes cost about 1,700 dollars.

Baccarats Les Larmes Sacress de Thebe

4. Chanel No. 5

This is not only very expensive, but also extremely popular perfumes from the famous Coco Chanel. These perfumes are adored by both ordinary women and celebrities and elites. Despite the impressive high cost (1850 dollars per bottle), every 30 seconds somewhere in the world a bottle of these truly legendary perfumes is sold.

3. Caron’s Poivre

These are so-called “unisex” perfumes that can be used by both men and women.

Perfume was created in 1954. The aroma includes black pepper, cloves, red pepper and other spices. That is why the perfume is called Poivre, which in French means “pepper”. A bottle of these spirits, which are produced in limited quantities, is worth $2,000.

2. Clive Christian No. 1

This perfume was used by Katie Holmes on the day of her marriage. The fragrance includes vanilla, sandalwood, orris, and ylang ylang. Clive Christian No. 1 is worth 2150 dollars, and clearly not only the perfume is included in the price, but also a bottle made by hand and decorated with a 3 carat diamond.

1.Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty

This perfume is the record holder of the book of records of Guinness as the most expensive perfume in the world. The cost of a bottle of perfume Imperial Magesty is 215,000 dollars! I would like to know, for which lovers of exquisite aromas paid such money? These perfumes was released in the amount of only 10 bottles, decorated with a gold rim and a 5 carat diamond. The price includes perfume delivery on the Bentley. The fragrance of the Imperial Magesty perfume consists of 200 rare ingredients.

Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty