As I believed in myself and began to work well in the photo.

Hello everyone! I want to share with you the secret of how to always get a good photo!

I didn’t like being photographed since childhood. Mom and girlfriends took pictures of me, but I always didn’t like photos, every and each of these was awful. Later, I found a way out (not quite right, but still …) I was a photographer at all family parties and parties with friends, in order not to get in the frame. Later, fate decided so (fortunately:) ) that I met the coolest photographer of G-Models, Gennady Pratsevich! He turned out to be a very interesting, kind, intelligent… Just an incredible person. Very soon we became friends and he took me completely into the world of photography. We communicated and met every day for half a year. We prepared photos together, made video clips and I even started working with him as a stylist. But to be photographed myself, I was as before scared, to all his questions WHY, I always found a bunch of excuses and laughed off.

One fine day, yet I tried myself as a model for G-Models. This day turned my whole life! Gennady conducted training in photography of a young photographer and they dismissed me as they needed a frightened girl who had never been professionally photographed, such as me. And I agreed. It was scary, but interesting! I still saw the gorgeous works of Gena, so I put my trust in the hands of a professional !!! I saw the first shots and got stunned … WHAT? I AM BEAUTIFUL! It was a shock. Only then I realized how important it is that the photographer was not only a professional, but also a psychologist. After all, you can make up, get dressed and go to a regular photo studio and get frightened photos, like on a passport. Only G-Models was able to reveal me and create the necessary emotional state in order for me to be a beautiful, sexy, self-confident girl.

Gennady not only enhances your self-esteem and makes flawless photos, but also teaches how to make you special. Regardless of who will photograph you. He teaches to pose and understand from where and how to light up on you. Having worked with it, I am no longer afraid of the camera. Now whoever photographing me, I always getting great. Moreover, I became a popular model! And all this thanks to Gennady Pratsevich. Below you can see the photo, as a living confirmation of my words.  Now I can safely recommend everyone to come to G-Models for a photo session and feel yourself like a star! Learn to be photogenic and beautiful at all photos !!!! And who knows, it is possible to become the next known model !!!